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Who should register here?

If you are a woman entrepreneur or consultant from South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). and your business is majority owned by a woman (or women) and actively managed by a woman (women), then you can register your business in this portal.

If you are not a business enterprise but a consultant specialized in specific service, then you can register under ‘consultants’ category.

Registration is FREE to all women entrepreneurs and women consultants.

Why Buy from women?

Research from the World Bank, the United Nations, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and others demonstrate that the real drivers of the economy are women —as business leaders, employees, consumers, and entrepreneurs. Investing in women can yield a significant boost in economic growth, otherwise known as “the gender dividend.” When women are made the focus in business decisions, communities will thrive around them.

These studies also show that more women than men entrepreneurs introduce innovations (new products and services) in developed economies.

Research claims that Women-led private technology companies are more capital-efficient, achieve 35 percent higher return on investment, and, when venture-backed, bring in 12 percent higher revenue than male-owned tech companies.


Become a Certified Woman Entrepreneur It is FREE

Our Certification is a formal guarantee to businesses that when they purchase from certified enterprises or engage a certified consultant, they are purchasing goods and/or services from women owned businesses or women consultants. In order to certify your business, we will be assessing criteria: (1) Ownership, (2) Management, (3) Expertise, and independence, (4) Location and (5) Independent entity. In order to certify individual women consultants, we will be assessing four criteria: (1) Qualification (2) Experience on the consulting subject (3) References and (4) Location

In order to apply for the Seal of Certification, your business must meet the following qualifications:

  • Ownership : One or more women must have at least 51% ownership of the business listed
  • Location: That your business is head-quartered in any of these countries Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  • Management and Control: One or more women are actively engaged in the day to day and long term control and management of the business. Ideally, the woman/women who own the business should be running the business.
  • Expertise and independence : The women running the business have the necessary skills and expertise in the business in some way
  • Separate entity: Operated independently from other non-certified businesses (ie. Pass-through companies or sales representatives are not eligible.)


How to Become a Featured Entrepreneur?

How to Become a Featured Entrepreneur?

Why should you be featured?
What are the benefits of getting featured in the site?

You should be a certified entrepreneur in this portal to be featured. To know how to become a certified entrepreneur Click here

Once you are a certified entrepreneur, you can send us a request to be featured in the site. We can work with you to see how to feature you and make it happen.

In this site, your profile is found on the home page prominently for a month. All the visitors to the site will be able to see you in our emails to registered members (ie buyers), we will mentioned the featured entrepreneur of the month.

All the above should give your business a much better visibility and opportunity.

It is a FREE service to the certified entrepreneurs of SAWES.

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